Matt Tiffany

October Mid

"Matt wrote this melancholy rock ballad in the 1996/1997 timeframe during a period in which he and I had ended up working in the same Nuclear Safety group.  Our common love of music, especially rock guitar music, made us quick friends and we soon began collaborating on some song writing and recording.

There were some eerie coincidences in writing this particular song.  And the chorus I remember him telling me "came to him" during a meeting at work in which we were doing a technical presentation!  You never know when and where music might present itself to an inspired artist!  I was really impressed with this song so was honored that Matt asked me to sing the lead vocals in the opening verses and the choruses, as well as do the guitar solo.  But this song is really Matt, his style, his sound.  He does all the recording (Matt's "Rainier" studio) and that's him on the keyboards, bass and rhythm guitars, and lead vocals in the last two verses.  This song was recorded in 1998.

Matt had a musical talent that could have gone a long way.  He could always "hear" stuff to put in the songs and it just blew me away.  And I miss those days when we rocked out on Rainier Street!  So now I just want to honor Matt by sharing some of his talent with you - he'd want his music to be heard.  So please check out the full-length music video of October Mid (from 2011) or play this intriguing song below."

- Daniel Minteer
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October Mid (Matt Tiffany)
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